Artist statement

Tania Botelho

As an artist, in the course of my career I’ve dedicated myself to dance, drama, and television and, for the past 15 years I’ve found in the mixed media, collage and drawing a solid venue of expression for my art.

I try not to pay too much attention to concept issues or framed theories so present in the contemporary art scenario. Rather, my work is structured on the poetic aspects of the current issues. My approach is objective and without loosing sight of the esthetic and lyrical aspects, I try to bridge beauty tradition and protest art, common of the modern age. I choose themes that speak about women and human rights, values, differences and mankind oppression.

Since it first emerged, collage is one of the most diversified forms of visual expression, embracing drawing, painting, paper, scraps, copies, objects and any other media. Collage has a restless potential to recycle and re-signify abstract and symbolic elements as well as poetic and political ones. The photograph of a flower taken from a shampoo ad can be transformed into a protest icon against women oppression. A newspaper photo of an afghan refugee can acquire lyrical contours with a little texture and pigment, giving the image a richer emotional dynamic than its original context.

My work is born from this game of reconstruction and significance.

Art is my weapon and I want to use it as a way to speak for the minorities that can’t speak or don’t know how to do it for themselves.

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