I´ve never done an installation before and had this great opportunity when I got into a Laura Vinci´s workshop, in the town of Passaquatro, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The place is full of florests, rivers, mountains and wild animals, and for me who had always worked inside the studio, it was a real challenge.

Finding the proper place for my outside work, choosing natural medias and uderstanding the correct scale were softly building an idea of the subject, but it was not so easy to put it in pratice. Nature has always its surprises...

The size of my instalation was my first challenge, in the beginning I started working based on my look to earth, and forgot to pay attention to the great florest around me. The result was a unfinished try almost invisible in front of that endless world of greens, browns, leaves, trees and wind. I just couldn´t see anything I´ve made. The lines got lost in the space and everything seemed like dumps of grass and dust mixed with dry leaves.


I spoke to the park caretakers and learned with them a little bit more about how each natural media would react in weather changes, they explained me that leaves and moss wilt with rain and dew, and most of the colors I liked would change just after the nigth come..

I felt I should get more closed to that place , understand what I really wanted, be aware of the media properties I chose...looking above the trees I saw my mistake, that was my scale, it should be from me to the trees, it had to be a work for the trees crowns, to be big, dedicated to the greatness of nature.


Next morning I re-started to pick new leaves, sand, branchs, mood and seeds. Now I started creating lines on earth trying to take the natural obstacles as a positive force to my work, everything had to be in harmony with tha big natural enviroment around, if there were big trees, let´s draw big lines , if there were lots of organic forms, let´s draw curves, I by that time I realized that my work was just a a human decodification of nature itself. The forms, the size, the media and the transition among them were dictated by the landscape around me, so the impossible became easier... I was finnaly connected with the work.

In the middle of the day , my work was spread all over the park, and the sunlight turned into a media of the installation, composing shadows laces in the lines I´d made.

As well as people walked around, they felt my work in different forms, because sunlight, shadows and floor raises were remodeling the lines perception each new step. New steps, new views, new sounds, new emotions.


After finishing this great experience, I wrote:

"I am flesh , guts, membranes, muscles, nerves, viscera, bones, fluids, blood, cells....I am just a point on earth, as the thousands of sand grains I see.
I was seed, today I am fruit and tomorrow I will turn into dust.
almost nothing...minuscule powder free in the winds"

Tânia Botelho

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